Ryan Sheppeck
Founder / Photographer

Ryan is a 24 year old photographer and founder of Peaks Collective.

His creative journey started around 18 months ago. After returning from a life-changing journey across the globe, he purchased his first “proper” camera and began sharing his newfound passion for travel and adventure.

The Peak District, only 45 minutes from home, became Ryan’s go-to playground for his outdoors fix. Since then, Ryan has strived to promote its special qualities and inspire more people to come and experience this beautiful landscape. Thats where the idea for Peaks Collective was born.

The fire to wander still burns bright and throughout 2016 Ryan travelled far and wide across Great Britain, with regular visits to the Highlands, the Lake District and Dorset in particular. He also spent time in Lisbon, road tripped across Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia and embarked on the Collective trip to Iceland, building himself a following of over 17,000 followers on Instagram throughout that time. His engaging, big landscape photography has only been enhanced by his investment in a DJI Phantom drone.

See more of Ryan’s work below and find him @ryansheppeck on Instagram.