As our way of giving back for the support throughout 2016, Peaks Collective have crafted a number of Lightroom presets exclusively with our followers in mind. We believe that by supporting you in your creativity, the beauty of the UK can be shared farther and wider.

Collaboration is a huge part of what we do at Peaks Collective and we’re stoked to see what you create with our Essentials Pack.


This pack focuses greatly on the tones and hues of the UK countryside but will work across a variety of landscapes and portraits. You can find out more about the individual presets and see samples below. The download also provides an Installation guide for Lightroom.

The download link is sent along with your confirmation email (check junk), find it below the product description. We hope you enjoy and please remember to tag #peaksessentials so we can see you’re edits.



Soft and warm with muted shadows. This preset is a great all-rounder due to the subtle and delicate handling, plays nice with landscapes, nature and portraits alike. (TIP: Try underexposing your images slightly to get the best from this preset.)


Beautifully desaturated greens/yellows make this one perfect for outdoor shots of any kind and the heavily muted look softens even the harshest of lighting conditions. (TIP: To bring back saturation to the photo try giving the vibrance slider a gentle nudge to the right.)


Contrast in the tone curve makes this preset great for adding pop to backlit scenes. With a gentle warmth and desaturated blues this preset is a great choice for outdoor portraits and detailed nature shots. (TIP: Try slightly over-exposing the image to get the best from this preset.)


Cool and punchy, this preset adds some blue tones to the shadows and slightly desaturates the colours lending itself nicely to a crisp, fresh morning landscape. (TIP: Try raising the temperature of the white balance for a warmer feel.)


This preset pulls out detail, adds structure and increases clarity. Great for accentuating texture and making elements within the landscape really stand out. (TIP: If this preset over exposes the sky in your image simply add a graduated filter with a lower exposure to bring back detail.)

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