Peaks Collective have developed a simple guide for accessing the viewing points at the top of Winnats Pass. To maintain the full sense of adventure, we’ve provided just enough information to help you get there but it is by no means a step-by-step guide.

Map below for visual reference.

Starting in Castleton (Point A), you need to follow the A6187 towards Winnats Pass (Winnats Road on Google Maps). Here you will take in the spectacular views from within the pass before reaching a T-junction at the top. Exiting the junction, there is road side parking almost directly on both the left (Point C) and right (Point B). On the left, you will find a stile, this is your starting point on the walk. Climb this and follow the faint path across the farm land. You will see an open gate in front of you and proceed through this into the next field. Slightly baring left you will come across another stile and over here the view of Winnats Pass becomes possible. Stay directly right and follow the ridge line to get the full perspective.

If you are yet to visit Winnats Pass, its a must. Our founder, Ryan Sheppeck, regards this viewing point as one of his favourite in the country and was the first location that really made him fall in love with the Peak District National Park. If you are without you’re own wheels, Castleton is a popular town with good public transport links. You can simple follow the route above on foot but please bare in mind, this is a relatively long walk. Thank-you for reading our brief guide and we hope your find your way safely. Remember to tag any photos with #peakscollective so we can see what you’ve been up to.