We started our 2017 #peakstameet season with a visit to one of our favourite locations, Chrome Hill. For many of us, last years meet here was one of the best days we had in the Peak District, a crisp morning with beautiful light amongst really great company. We couldn’t wait to get back out there.

This year drew an even bigger crowd, with new friends and old. After a brief 7.30am meet and greet, we made our way towards Parkhouse Hill. During the climb we made regular stops to watch as the sun rose pink and full above the horizon. Another stunning sunrise from atop of one of the Peak District’s finest hills. Once again we got very lucky.

We took a swift break before starting the slippery descent on the opposing side. By this time the sun had disappeared and the cold began to really settle in, the wind picked up slightly and specs of snow began to fall. The mood was incredible. A slower ascent up Chrome Hill showed signs of tired legs but with smiles all round, there was never any doubt that we all were stoked on this brisk outing. With conversation flowing, we continued to walk on beyond the Dragon’s Back and looped down and back around heading for Dowell Hall Farm.

Most of the steep sections were complete by now and it was a steady walk and slight scale back up towards Earl Sterndale. Here we said our goodbye’s to those who had to dash whilst a few remained for a drink and pork pie in the infamous Quite Woman pub. Another successful meet.

The brilliant Dan Cook created a short video of the morning, which can be found below. If you enjoy it, please reach out to Dan on Instagram here.

If you are interested in joining us next time, keep an eye on our #peakstameet page that will be updated shortly with the details.

Produced by Dan Cook.

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