Photography: Daniel Casson. Words: Ryan Sheppeck. 

The Peak District is one of the most popular national parks in the UK with more than 10 million visitors a year. It is inevitable then, that the area is widely photographed. Over the past couple of years, only a handful of artists have emerged through the clutter to stand out from the crowd. We are proud that our very own Daniel Casson is amongst them.

Dan’s photography career started with Instagram, he began sharing his iPhone shots of the Peak District on the platform and people from all around the World took notice of his unique aesthetic. He has since upgraded his gear, developed his style further and built a following of over 350,000 strong across social media. Yet, he can still be found in the Peak District at the crack of dawn, chasing light, mist and fog, as it’s here his passion evolved and he continues to pay homage to the area.

Paying close attention to the movements in aerial photography over the last few years, Dan finally decided it was time to invest in the potential to offer an extra dynamic to his work. He added a DJI Phantom 3 Prof drone to his repertoire earlier this year and has strived to create some truly original images with it since. Through pushing his creativity, Dan now offers a fresh perspective of the Peak District that is yet be seen. Follow along as he takes us on a magical journey about the National Park.


Find more of Daniel Casson’s work here, where you can also buy high quality prints. Also, make sure to follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.